Specialty / Content for B2B technology companies

My Specialty

I specialize in creating compelling, in-depth written content for B2B technology companies, content that is:

  High Quality - Content that is well researched, informative, and engaging.
  SEO Optimized - Content created for people to read and find relevant information, not stuffed with keywords to game search engines.
  Audience Focused - I'm capable of creating B2B content about complex technological concepts with each piece of content designed to attract a specific target audience; from enterprise CEO and head of product to CTO and developers.
  Readable - Content that is formatted with headings, subheadings, and pull quotes for easy readability.
  Well Edited - Content that is meticulously proofread and edited to ensure impeccable spelling and grammar.
  Well Promoted - I promote content I've written on social media channels.

I create content about advanced technologies; content that requires extensive research; content that takes a great deal of time to write. My rates reflect the time, energy, and expertise that goes into each and every piece of content I write.

Sure, there are plenty of generalist writers willing to create content for very low rates. Some of them may even be able to create decent content about your platform and products. However, a writer who specializes in creating written content about advanced technologies will have more experience and a better understanding of your platform, your products, and the advanced technologies powering them than a generalist writer who writes about anything and everything.

Advanced Technologies

I write about advanced technologies including
(but not limited to):

  • Machine Learning
  • AI / Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • APIs / Microservices
  • GIS / Maps
  • Analytics
Clients / companies i've worked with