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Comments from Clients

I've worked with a number of technology companies, here are a few comments from clients:

"Janet is a skilled writer who can create highly engaging and thoughtful content about technically challenging topics like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Not only does she write well-researched and insightful articles, she's also the most professional, diligent, and reliable freelancer I've ever worked with - I just give Janet a topic and a deadline and she manages the rest! So far, she has produced three high-quality e-books and three blog articles for my company (Clarifai) and they have all been written with care and great attention to detail. I would highly recommend Janet's services!"
Amy Liu, Marketing Director, Clarifai
"Working with Janet in crafting a technical blog post was incredibly easy. Her past work speaks volumes about how much she knows about the API and software development industry, and she was able to draw from that experience when we asked her for suggestions on ideas she would be interested in writing about, focusing on topics for our specific audience. She delivered her work on time, and was also open to edits and suggestions that we made. I would highly recommend her writing services!."
Heitor Sergent, Community Content Lead at Runscope
"Janet is a writer who understands the entire API ecosystem well enough that she can picture when and where various solutions will come in handy... and then write about them in those contexts. We don't have a lot of writers who can cover solutions the way she does."
David Berlind, Editor-in-Chief, ProgrammableWeb
"Janet is one of our most valued writers on the team. The quality and volume of her work makes her one of our go-to writers when it comes time to pitch stories."
Wendell Santos, Editor at ProgrammableWeb
"We love the changes! Thank you so much for taking our feedback so well."
Alexa Meyer, Director of Marketing, Keen IO
"Janet was very thorough, responsive, and easy to work with. We would hire her again!"
Sift Science
"We've had great feedback on your first piece and we'd love to partner again."